The Committee - The October Club would not be the
success it is each and every year without the
extraordinary committee members it has.

Chairman: Nigel

The Committee

Life President

David McDonough OBE


Henry Knapman*

Charity Committee Members

Adam Bidwell                                                                                  Simon Bond                                                                                     Nick Crean*                                                                                Jonathan Davie                                                                                    Nigel Gliksten*                                                                                  Gareth Henderson                                                                   Samantha Huggins
Michele Hunter*
Richard Lockwood
Ben Malone
Richard Morecombe
Neil Pegrum*
Addie Pinkster*                                                                              Martin Pope*                                                                                     Mark Pumfrey* 
Sean Roy
Will Tovey*

Head of Operations and Events

Narinder Uniacke

The October Club would like to thank the following past committee members for their support over the years:

Francis Baring Jimmy Durkin David Ruck Keene
Nicholas Bedford Douglas Gordon Rodney Salmon
Andrew Beeson David Harrel Peter Seabrook
Zoey Bird John Holmes Tim Steel
James Bromhead Gary McGuire Andrew Stewart
Peter Chappell James Netherthorpe Johnny Sutton
David Chaplin Charles Peel Tim Syder
Charlie Curtis Ian Perkins Robert Whitaker
Jeremy Davies Manny Roman Brian Winterflood
Terry Dickinson Paul Roy  


* Directors of the CIC



Past Chairmen

1988 - 2005  David McDonough OBE
1999 Andrew Stewart
2006 - 2008 Jonathan Davie
2009 - 2012 Nigel Gliksten
2013 - 2017 Mark Pumfrey


e.     t. 07813 165 325
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