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All our past charities are still going strong and have benefited enormously from the projects we funded. If you would like your charity to benefit from our annual events, please fill out an application form.  







2018 – WellChild

“WellChild is determined to make it possible for children and young people with serious illness, complex conditions or exceptional health needs to be cared for at home instead of hospital, wherever and whenever possible.

The charity has invested in the creation of a network of WellChild Nurses over the past 10 years to enable many, many thousands of families to leave hospital and be supported at home – many of whom would have been in hospital for months and, often, years without that support.

An essential part of getting children and young people home from hospital is ensuring that parents are confident and competent in providing the often very complex nursing and medical care their child needs.

Training for these parents in the UK is currently at crisis point, especially when it comes to making sure they are ready to cope with emergency, life-saving situations that are all too common with some of these children.

The October Club funding will enable us to transform training around the UK  for these parents, helping us to create what we know will be a fast-growing network of Better At Home Training Units across the country, where families will be fully trained by experienced Nurses on all aspects of the essential, complicated, stressful, and life-saving care they give their children.”

 Colin Dyer, CEO, WellChild







2017 – Multiple Sclerosis Trust

"The MS Trust was born out of a desire to help people living with MS now.  The best way to do this is to ensure they have access to the specialist care they need. 

Over the years we have evidenced the value of MS specialists and, through our GEMSS (Generating Evidence in MS Services) programme, have worked with MS teams to help them evaluate and develop their services. 

Our latest research has shown that people with advanced MS feel isolated, overlooked and without hope.  The October Club funding will enable us to work with the NHS to bring the needs of this important group into focus again and help them get the support and direction they need in their care.  

For every person with MS that The October Club helps, there will also be close family and friends who will feel benefit because they will no longer have to champion this cause alone.  

As a small charity it is challenging to have a major impact on people’s lives, but with the support of The October Club we can effect a true transformation."

Pamela Macfarlane, CEO, MS Trust.






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